trip video: Carretera Austral road trip, January 2019 – part 2

In this second installment of our road trip, we started with a hike on Glaciar Exploradores in Puerto Río Tranquilo before starting out drive north ending at Futaleufú. These second 4 days were much smoother than our first as we did 3 hikes and had a run in with a local hawk. This is a companion video to my 2019 Patagonia and Carretera Austral trip report series, which is listed below in the index.

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trip report: Patagonia – Ruta 40 & driving the Carretera Austral, January 2019

My current struggle in life is the constant feel of needing to optimize my time. It’s the feeling that I need to be productive whenever possible, but I don’t think I am actually any more than before in the overall scheme of things. Maybe I started to feel this way because of the combination of how easy I can waste a day and just the never ending to do lists. Whatever the reason, it makes it very difficult to relax as anything nonproductive comes with a feel of regret in the end. This specific struggle carries over into the realm of traveling as well when it comes to unplanned and free form travel. It is hard not to feel the need to do something at every minute. But at the same time, unplanned free form travel is the cure as you don’t have anywhere to be but to relax and immerse yourself in the beauty out there. There is no place better for me to relearn that than the remote regions in Chile on the Carretera Austral.

carefree zone

In the spirit of free form travel, the hikes and activities we throughout the rest of our trip wasn’t really in any organizable order. This is due to a few travel restrictions and situational parameters that are explained in the post. So this part of the trip report will cover our decisions as we went, the specific route that we took, and our driving experiences on the Carretera Austral. Subsequent sections will delve into the different hikes and major activities that I will mention in this overview of our trip.

We pick up this trip report the day after our Huemul Circuit hike (see part 2 of this series). This is part 3 of my Patagonia and Carretera Austral trip report series. You can navigate to the other parts in the index below. Read More

trip report: Patagonia – planning & research, January 2019

Two of my favorite hikes in the world at the moment is in Patagonia, the O-Circuit of Torres Del Paine National Park in Chile and the Huemul Circuit of Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina. I would return to either places in a heartbeat, as our two previous week long trips out there during our spring breaks left us wanting for more. But these two hikes are just a small portion of the vast region of Patagonia with plenty that I’d looked forward to exploring in the future. So when I saw a USD$400 roundtrip flight from the United States to São Paulo, Brazil in business class, that future was much closer than I originally thought. Not to take away from what we had experienced in Brazil, but it was no question we’d be heading back to Patagonia.


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trip report: Singapore, June 2018


Singapore is well known in the travel blog and travel hack community, though mostly for its award winning airport. That’s how I knew Singapore having spent a couple of nights laying over there a few years back. It wasn’t a place I’d intended to visit, but work brought me there anyways. With the surprisingly popular movie Crazy Rich Asians (imdb) providing a full on commercial account of the city and the world’s longest nonstop flight between Newark and Singapore restarting (thepointsguy), I figure I’d provide my experiences there.

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trip report: Wales, May 2018

The origin of our trip to Wales was open ended, so much so that we didn’t know Wales was our destination until a couple weeks out. This trip serves as an example of an unplanned road trip that’s a culmination of cheap flights across the pond, an expiring travel voucher, and no time to plan. The end result was cliffs, rocks, castles, and fish and chips.


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trip report: road trip in Colorado and Utah, September 2015

In my previous post, I outlined three different road trip ideas out west. One thing I didn’t specify are the exact timing needed for each, though I had estimated 2 weeks. Since we had already planned to fly out to Colorado for Labor Day, I thought I’d put the idea to the test. The problem was that I only had 6 nights and about 6 days (5 full days and a couple of half days), so I limited the trip to the first half of the Colorado road trip idea. Since we did all day hikes on the trip, this report is more a combination of individual hikes reviews.


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good ideas: three road trips out west


the idea

Seeing how this is the first real post, I thought I’d start it off with excitement and hope for the future. That is a few road trip ideas out west. Additionally this is also an example of the kind of research that goes into planning my trips. There are a few elements that came about to creating these three specific trip ideas.

The first element is that I have the southwest companion pass until the end of 2016 and 70k miles left to blow through (more to come about it in the future). Since southwest is mostly a domestic carrier (though Costa Rica for Spring Break ’16 is possible, anyone want to join?), I started to think about places in ‘merica I wanted to visit.

The second element is that despite having lived in California, there are still a lot out west that I have not explored. I took to google maps a while back to create a list of places I’d like to visit or would like to return. Additionally, it’s been three years since I’ve gone back to Cali to hang out with the gang there (where we’ve had a few pretty awesome trips) and I’ve recently had a few messages with them about heading out there again.

The last element was hearing a podcast about roadtrips on The Extra Pack of Peanuts, especially since they’ve mentioned a few I’ve done. Anyways, that got me thinking. With great hanging out and camping with Kevin two weekends ago (post to come), we’ve identified three trips. Since these are ideas, feedback would be great.

arizona, utah, and the grand canyon

Yes, I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon (or any of these listed places). This loops links up several of the National Parks throughout Arizona and Utah. Additionally, it links up several of the most photogenic places you’ve probably seen online. Here would be the itinerary:

  • Flight into Las Vegas. Being a big tourist town, there are plenty of flight deals and cheap car rentals. Plus it’s at most 22k miles on Southwest from Raleigh.
  • Havasu Falls: First stop would be a 3 day backpacking into Supai Village from Hualapai Hilltop on Havasupai tribe land to visit Havasu Falls and several others.
  • Grand Canyon: Spend a couple of days visiting the rest of the grand canyon. Any recommendations of top hikes are welcome
  • Vermilion Cliffs National Monument: Got to see the waves.
  • Antelope Canyon: More pretties on Navajo land. Though the entrance fees would start to add up at this point.
  • Bryce Canyon: Up into Utah. Sick of the color red yet? Again suggestions welcome.
  • The Narrows and Zion National Park: Hiking up a river? OK!
  • back to Las Vegas

big sky country

I’ve never been to Yellowstone either, but I have been to Glacier National Park. This is a bit longer drive and less specific destinations, but it’s a tour of Montana and Wyoming. I’ve also heard of cool backpacking in Idaho where you get to hike in the middle of a stream/canyon. Really, this just begs me to do the continental divide at some point in my life:

  • Fly into either Salt lake City or Boise. Jackson would be even better but probably more expensive and Southwest doesn’t fly there.
  • Grand Tetons
  • Yellowstone
  • Gallatin National Forest: Yellowstone without the geysers
  • Glacier National Park
  • Bonus: you can visit Banff as well. But it seems like the Canadian Rockies deserve their own thing (EDIT 2020-5: oh yes they do, see 2019 trip report).
  • Maybe drive down through Sawtooth National Forest or something in Idaho. I’ll need more research to complete this loop
  • Return to Salt Lake City of Boise to fly out.


This was originally thought to be one large trip with big sky loop, but it seems too much and colorado deserve its own. We might do something like this during the upcoming labor day. However, we will have to abbreviate it since we only have 6 days. For one thing, there is just so much in Colorado that you really could make any type of loop you want. (EDIT 2015-8 as I prep for our Denver trip):