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mission statement

We all have our own reasons and preferences in our travels. For me, that involves a lot of nature, food, booze, and meeting people around the world.

There are 2 ways I have traveled. It can be a carefree, unstructured wandering into the world or a planned out set itineraries travel. Of course, most trips are an actual a medium between those two ends. When I first started to travel, I bought a ticket and booked my first night at my destination and the rest I figured out as as I went. However being a graduate student now and planning for my fiancee and myself, time and money are much more limited. This is where the second form of travel comes in. A planned out itinerary can save a lot more money, even free with travel hacking tips out there. Furthermore as a graduate student hoping one day to graduate, time is also a limit. So planning how I use my time to travel is very important to be able to accomplish some of our travel goals (especially backpacking trips).

Whether you are a super planner like I can be or just want some info on travel, hiking, and backpacking around the world, I hope to provide information to get you to where you want to go in the form of magazine styled trip reports. This includes my pre-trip resources and my trip reports.

If you have any question, feel free to email me at wangjm.walks(a)gmail.com.

about us


Here we are, my name is John and this is Meg, with her frown face at me trying to take a picture of her. All pictures on this site of her were taken begrudgingly.

We are graduate students here in southwest Virginia and we like to travel. The origin of this website, and still the main goal, is a place where I can reflect on our travels. I was already doing a lot of this on my facebook previously, so I thought I’d just move it to a more accessible format.

If you enjoyed the contents on this site, we’d welcome your support (see details).


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