virginia regional hikes


updated: 2017/10/31

Southwest Virginia is currently our home. We are located in the middle of Appalachia where the Application Trail runs right through.

This portion of this site is dedicated to our experiences and opinions about hikes in this area (more in the form of a trip report). The order of these hikes reflect my personal preferences of the hikes. A big caveat of hiking in Virginia is that the same hike is different depending on the season. So your own experience will definitely vary. For more of a guide to regional hikes and a great resource that I will cite throughout, see Hiking Upwards.

As you can see, I’ve only ranked a few of the trails in the area. I am working to get to write all the ones I’ve done in time. This is a work in progress.

trailhead map

Below is an interactive google map with the trailhead location for each of the hikes I’ve written about. You can click on each one for the direct link of the report on the hike. Each hike is labeled with my personal rankings.

John’s personal rankings

  1. Old Rag Mountain
  2. Tinker Cliffs via Andy Layne Trail
  3. Apple Orchard Falls and Cornelius Creek Loop
  4. Channels of Virginia
  5. McAfee Knob
  6. Great Falls Maryland in Chesapeake & Ohio Canal NHP: Billy Goat A & B Loop
  7. Great Falls Park Virginia: Difficult Run Loop
  8. Strickler Knob via Scothorn Gap
  9. Big and Little House Mountains
  10. Peaks of Otter: Sharp Top
  11. Peaks of Otter: Flat Top & Fallingwater Cascades
  12. Carvin Cove and Hay Rock
  13. Dismal Creek and Sugar Mountain Loop with Dismal Falls
  14. Cold Mountain
  15. Bear Church Rock