southwest virginia hikes


Southwest Virginia is currently our home. We are located in the middle of Appalachia where the Application Trail runs right through.

This portion of the webpage is dedicated to our experiences and opinions about hikes in this area (more in the form of a trip report). The order of these hikes reflect my personal preferences of the hikes. A big caveat of hiking in Virginia is that the same hike is different depending on the season. So your own experience will definitely vary.

Throughout, I will link up the information about each of these trails. If you are looking for a hike here in Virginia, the best guide is found here at Hiking Upwards.


  1. Tinker Cliffs via Andy Layne Trail
  2. Apple Orchard Falls and Cornelius Creek Loop
  3. Channels of Virginia
  4. Big and Little House Mountains
  5. Peaks of Otter: Sharp Top
  6. Carvin Cove and Hay Rock
  7. Cold Mountain
  8. Bear Church Rock