trip video: Bora Bora, March 2019

This is the first of the companion videos to our French Polynesia trip during March 2019. Specifically this video covers our time on the resort island of Bora Bora. We enjoyed the St. Regis and InterContinental Thalasso resorts including the beaches, the activities, and the views they had to offer. Finally we swam with the fishes as we dove with Top Dive and saw three types of sharks.

You can find an linked index of our full trip report below, as they are posted.


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1 planning & research
      1.1 the decision
      1.2 planning & research
            1.2.1 housing
            1.2.2 flights
            1.2.3 activity plans
            1.2.4 miscellaneous
2 trip report: getting in via Tahiti
3 trip report: Bora Bora
      3.1 St. Regis Bora Bora Resort
      3.2 InterContinental Thalasso
      3.3 diving Bora Bora
      3.4 Bora Bora to Fakarava transit
4 trip report: Fakarava
5 trip report: getting out
6 final impressions & budget
7 trip videos
      7.1 Bora Bora
      7.2 Fakarava & the North Pass (Passe de Garuae)
      7.3 Fakarava & the South Pass (Tetamanu)

trip video: Bora Bora

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