trip report: road trip in Colorado and Utah, September 2015

In my previous post, I outlined three different road trip ideas out west. One thing I didn’t specify are the exact timing needed for each, though I had estimated 2 weeks. Since we had already planned to fly out to Colorado for Labor Day, I thought I’d put the idea to the test. The problem was that I only had 6 nights and about 6 days (5 full days and a couple of half days), so I limited the trip to the first half of the Colorado road trip idea. Since we did all day hikes on the trip, this report is more a combination of individual hikes reviews.


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good ideas: three road trips out west


the idea

Seeing how this is the first real post, I thought I’d start it off with excitement and hope for the future. That is a few road trip ideas out west. Additionally this is also an example of the kind of research that goes into planning my trips. There are a few elements that came about to creating these three specific trip ideas.

The first element is that I have the southwest companion pass until the end of 2016 and 70k miles left to blow through (more to come about it in the future). Since southwest is mostly a domestic carrier (though Costa Rica for Spring Break ’16 is possible, anyone want to join?), I started to think about places in ‘merica I wanted to visit.

The second element is that despite having lived in California, there are still a lot out west that I have not explored. I took to google maps a while back to create a list of places I’d like to visit or would like to return. Additionally, it’s been three years since I’ve gone back to Cali to hang out with the gang there (where we’ve had a few pretty awesome trips) and I’ve recently had a few messages with them about heading out there again.

The last element was hearing a podcast about roadtrips on The Extra Pack of Peanuts, especially since they’ve mentioned a few I’ve done. Anyways, that got me thinking. With great hanging out and camping with Kevin two weekends ago (post to come), we’ve identified three trips. Since these are ideas, feedback would be great.

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