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updated 1/10/2022

This is an index of all our trip reports around the world. Of course, I will back fill my past trip reports in time, though I have a hard enough time keeping up with the new ones.

If there is a past trip report you’d like or a place you’d want us to report on within reason, I’ve set up a patreon that allows you to direct the time we spent out in the world and on this page.

trip report map

The google map below is an interactive map of our travels and walks around the world.

You can find a drop down menu with additional information and options by clicking on the google map title bar:


  • multiday wilderness backpacking / trekking:  
  • day hikes:  
  • scuba diving:  
  • miscellaneous:  

trip report listing by continent and trip date

North America


Australia and Oceania


  • no reports yet 🙁

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