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trip video: Wind River Range – Ross Lakes, Bear Basin, Grasshopper Glacier, & Dinwoody Creek loop, September 2020

This is the video companions of our 8 day off trail backpacking trip in the Wind River Range consisting of a loop of Ross Lake, Bear Basin, Grasshopper Glacier, and Dinwoody Creek from September 2020.

You can find our full trip report of our hike in the index below.


1 planning & research
      1.1 the decision
      1.2 hike information
            1.2.1 permits
            1.2.2 travel & transportation
            1.2.3 route planning & off trail navigation
         route planning
         off trail navigation and skills
            1.2.4 equipment
            1.2.5 food
2 trip video
3 trip report
      3.1 getting in & Dubois, Wyoming
      3.2 day 1: Glacier Trailhead to Lower Ross Lake
      3.3 day 2: Lower Ross Lake to Upper Ross Lake
      3.4 day 3: Ross Lake to Mile Long Lake
      3.5 day 4: Mile Long Lake to Bear Lake
      3.6 day 5: Bear Lake to Connie Glacier
      3.7 day 6: Connie Glacier to Sourdough Glacier
      3.8 day 7: Sourdough Glacier to Dinwoody Creek
      3.9 day 8: Dinwoody Creek to Glacier Trailhead
      3.10 post-hike
4 final impressions
5 trip report: Denver & Walk Ranch Loop day hike
6 budget

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