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trip video: Australia – diving the Great Barrier Reef part 2, December 2019

This is the second of three video companions of our Great Barrier Reef diving trip report. This video covers the daily life on our liveaboard, Ocean Quest from sunrise to our night dive.

You can find the other entries of our Australia and New Zealand trip series in the index below as they are posted.


1 planning & research
2 trip report: getting in to Cairns, Australia
3 trip report: diving the Great Barrier Reef
4 trip report: Sydney & travel to New Zealand
5 trip report: diving Milford Sound & Queenstown
6 trip report: Rees-Dart Track in Mt. Aspiring National Park
7 trip report: Mueller Hut in Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park
trip report: Tasman Glacier viewpoint, Christchurch, & getting out
final impressions, New Zealand top 5, & budget

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